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Special Diets

We specialize in cakes and desserts for many different types of dietary needs. Among our delicious offerings are Gluten Free, Nut Free and Soy Free, but you wouldn’t know it by tasting them.

Gluten Free Desserts

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding or any big special occasion event is the cutting of the cake. However, if you’re a bride or groom who has Celiac or gluten sensitivity, this is the part you may be dreading, because it means everyone gets to eat dessert – except you.

Here at Sweets Mountain Bakery, we get it. Not only do we get it, but we’ve solved that problem. Whether you have close-to-your-heart attendees with food sensitivities or it’s you who is concerned about making a scene by not being able to eat your own cake, we’ve got you covered. Our gluten free cakes taste just as good as our regular custom baked goods!

Have other desserts on your mind? Just ask! Most of our offerings (check our flavors here) can be modified to fit any special dietary needs, so your sensitive gut won’t get in the way of your big day.