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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check below for common answers or contact us for more info.


Do you offer gluten free options?

Absolutely YES!

Many of our treats and cakes are available in gluten-free and vegan options. Most of them are noted on our Flavors page. If you’re not sure or you’re craving that special treat that meets your dietary restrictions, please ask! We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Please note that gluten-free sweets are prepared in the same kitchen as our traditional desserts. However, we make every effort to keep them separate and use only clean equipment in preparation.

Do you have any sugar-free products?

At this time we do not, as we find most “fake” sweeteners just don’t taste very good. We can sweeten with natural alternatives such as honey, but these still register as carbohydrates for diabetics, and they still have calories for those dieting.

Do your products contain nuts?

While your order may not have nuts or nut butters in it, we do use nuts for products in our kitchen. Please do mention if you don’t want nuts in your goodies, as they can be omitted in most of our recipes.


Is delivery available?

Yes. We deliver within a reasonable distance to the Lake Lure, Bat Cave, Bills Creek, Hendersonville, Edneyville, Columbus, Tryon, Asheville, Gerton areas and more in both North and South Carolina. Please contact us if you’re wondering if we can deliver to your location. Delivery fees are based on distance.

Do you offer shipping?

Not at this time.


Do you just do cakes?

We love to do all sorts of baking. Just ask! We love to bake cookies, cupcakes, bars, cake pops, fudge, mini desserts and more including some of our seasonal favorites like our bubbly apple crisp, chocolate covered strawberries and pumpkin cheesecakes.

Do you create custom cakes and cupcakes?

Absolutely! It’s one of our favorite things to do for weddings, birthdays or any other celebration or commemorative event. Just call us at (828) 974-1751 or contact us online for a quote today for your custom hand-created yummies.

How big of a cake do I need?

The amount of cake you’ll need depends on the number of guests and how big the pieces are cut. If you’re having a dessert bar, you’ll be cutting only ceremonial slices from your wedding cake. However, if it’s the main show for dessert, you’ll want to cut the pieces larger.

Always remember too that it’s better to have too much than too little. No one wants to run out of wedding, event or birthday cake! Also remember to not include the top tier of your wedding cake in your calculations, as you’ll want to freeze that to eat on your first anniversary.

If you’re having a smaller event but you still want to make a big splash, consider using dummy cakes between actual cake layers. A dummy cake is Styrofoam but is decorated to seamlessly blend in with the real thing. By doing this you’ll save cost, eliminate waste and still have a gorgeous cake your guests will ooh and ahh over.

If you’re wondering how big of a cake you need to serve your guests, just contact us, and we’ll go over all the options. Let us do the math. 🙂


Do you offer tastings?

We prefer to do cake tastings and consultations for large orders. Please call (828) 974-1751 or contact us online to schedule your tasting today.

What do I bring to my consultation?

Ideas please! It’s okay if you don’t have them. We have plenty :-D. That said, it’s great if you can bring color swatches, your invitations or a draft of how they will look, images of cakes you like and any inspirations you have. Also please let us know the venue for the event, how many guests will attend and about any certain styles that catch your interest.

How much does a consultation and tasting cost?

At this time we’re running a special offer of $40 which includes a one-on-one design consultation and a sampling of your favorite cakes, fillings and icings for you to try. Click here to schedule your tasting and consultation today.


How much notice do you need?

Most customers order their wedding or custom event cake at least 6 months in advance, and we book orders up to 1 year in advance. Our calendar fills up quickly, so reserving your date as early as possible works best.

We generally need a minimum of one month for more standard orders and preferably much more for specialty designs like custom wedding cakes or other tiered or sculpted specialty cakes.

Do you rent cake, cupcake or cake pop stands?

We do! All of our stands require a deposit up front, most of which will be refunded when you return the stand after your event.